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well wed. night i had my first class and it was cool the way they did it... and the interaction with everyone...
then thurs. night was my second class... and i liked it too... we have discussion boards we have to use.. it's part of our grade.. and i have 4 homework assignments to do this weekend.. but they're not to hard... yet... i do think they'll get harder...
but thats okay.. i'm up for the challenge...

and i think next week we have to observe ppl standing in line and then post in the discussion board the interpretation of what we saw..
sounds fun..

at any rate.. i'm excited... and i think most of the other ppl in the class are just as excited... we're all new to the online college expierience... with the exception of a few people... so we're all learning and growing together... which i like.. i don't feel alone when it comes to that..

so i'm attacking that front..

on the job front.. i've worked 10 days straight.. and finally have this weekend off.. and i do believe i'll have all weekends off.. which is going to help..
but i should have a decent paycheck... so i'll be able to get alot of things paid off... and alot of things done around the house here...
new carpet.. and tile.. a new lawn mower... i've ordered a dell laptop already.. that should be here soon.. i can't wait.. i've never had one...

but anyway... i talked to my sponsor today.. and thats always fun.. i like him.. we share alot of laughs.. and thats always enjoyable..
today i saw someone i used to get high with... and i looked out the window at her.. and she had kids with her and some other chick.. and it's all cloudy and overcast.. and she's hopin' around in her car with sunglasses on and shit.. so she was high i'm sure... so i just turned around n'went back to the kitchen...

some people probably won't change... though i still hope they do.. no one deserves to be in the clutches of addiction..

... i do like Mt. Dew.. .. and cigarettes, even though they're getting really expensive...

it feels so good to be off work tomorrow.. and sunday! ...
we're supposed to get snow tomorrow... though m'not sure if we are... the weatherman isn't sure where exactally it's going to fall.. the biggest amounts anyway..

so i'm hoping tomorrow will atleast be pretty... the snow will be gone by sunday.. .. but thats okay..
well.. i think thats all for now... i'll post more later.


I'm doing online classes and yes the work is harder, more work than traditional schools because they want to make sure we are learning I guess. Lots of reading, but it's worth it, very satisfying. I wish you so much luck and strength to accomplish all your goals :)

April 2009

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