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a new track

so i was in prison... i got out Feb. 17th ... was in there for a little over a year.. but it certainly straightened me out..
.. March 24th will be one year sober.. no drugs.. no alcohol.. and i feel really good..
i had to go to court in 3 different counties... and i have a bunch of money to pay.. .. and i was worried because finding a job is so hard right now..
but i looked and pulled some strings and had other people pull some strings... and i got one... it's not a great job... but it's some sort of income..
i'm a cook at sonic... nothing great.. but i will have a paycheck and i'll be able to move forward...

something else i've done... i enrolled in college... i'm going to be majoring in psychology ... in 4 years i'll have a bachelors degree... and my goal is to become a substance abuse counselor..

that is a big change for me... but i think i'd be good at it... and this is the best i've been in my life.. ... and as it stands now.. i don't really have anything..
but it's all in how you look at it... i can only go up from here... so i'm happy...
things are changing... i'm changing... and i'm a better person for it...

so anyway.. finally things are falling into place... but it'll be several years before they're in place.. but thats okay.. because once they are.. i'll be on top of the world..


I'm really, really proud of you Kenny. You've come a long way and I'm so excited for you. You deserve to be happy. -s-
Wow, awesome, greatest of luck always :)

glad to hear from you

thank you for wishing me luck.. i'm going to need it.. it's good to hear from you.. I was hoping you'd still be around.. I hope to read from you and talk to you more in the future...

see you around :)

Re: glad to hear from you

yeah, lj is my getaway, except i've been so busy, I've done no writing in months.. or even longer .. i miss it but well, i'll be done with school which should free up time for me :) I hope to hear from you more often now though :)

April 2009

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